Florida prosecutes drivers it believes to be impaired or have a blood or breath alcohol level of .08 or above.  It is not necessary for the driver to be impaired by alcohol, as chemical and controlled substances can cause impairment as well.  The consequences and penalties stemming from a DUI arrest and conviction are serious and mandated by Florida Statute 316.193 as well as applicable administrative license rules and regulations.  Also, DUI prosecutions extend to boating incidents and Trombley & Hanes has experience defending against these cases as well.

DUIs have varying levels of severity based on factual circumstances such as the level of blood alcohol or breath alcohol, whether the incident involved injury or an accident, whether children were present inside the vehicle, and whether the driver has prior DUI convictions.

Additionally, upon arrest for a DUI offense the Department of Motor Vehicles will take prompt action to suspend your license.  Again, depending on the factual circumstances of the case the suspension could range from six months, a year, eighteen months or longer and could include thirty or ninety day “hard suspension” periods preventing you from driving for any reason.     

Representative Case

Trombley & Hanes, P.A. lawyers have defended numerous DUI cases and represented current and former NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL athletes against DUI charges in Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties.