White Collar Crime

Trombley & Hanes representation of white collar crime matters include defense of criminal investigations and trials, corporate internal investigations, and regulatory matters in response to FBI, IRS, Department of Justice, DOD, OIG, EPA, HUD, DEA and U.S Attorney probes. Trombley & Hanes vigorously defends against all types of white collar crime and civil litigation such as Tax Fraud, Healthcare Fraud, Defense Contracting Fraud, Conspiracy, Securites Fraud, Money Laundering, Wire Fraud, Mail Fraud, Public Corruption, Bank Fraud, Environmental Crimes, RICO, Antitrust, and represents clients in Qui tam/Whistleblowing Actions.

The manner in which prosecutors exercise their decision-making authority has far-reaching implications, both in terms of justice and effectiveness in law enforcement and in terms of the consequences for individual citizens. A determination to prosecute represents a policy judgment that the fundamental interests of society require the application of the criminal laws to a particular set of circumstances—recognizing both that serious violations of law must be prosecuted, and that prosecution entails profound consequences for the accused and the family of the accused whether or not a conviction ultimately results. Other prosecutorial decisions can be equally significant. Decisions, for example, regarding the specific charges to be brought, or concerning plea dispositions, effectively determine the range of sanctions that may be imposed for criminal conduct. Criminal investigations also affect the success of related civil suits for recovery of damages.